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Property For Sale/Links to Other Web Sites

Visit this location to learn about real estate for sale and links to other useful web sites for investors.

Articles of Interest to Real Estate Investors
Information and articles of interest to real estate investors.
Links to Other Web Sites
Find links to other web sites of interest to real estate investors.

Products Available

Products available for the real estate investor.  See more below.

Real Estate for Sale or Rent
Current properties for sale or Rent.  Also includes property being auctioned.
Bank REO
Bank Owned Real Estate for Sale.  Mentioned in the Wall Street Journal online.

          Real Estate Available at Auction.

Resources for Real Estate Investors - Coming Soon


Appliances (including Laundry Equipment)
Suppliers to meet all of your appliance needs for your properties. 

Lead Generation Tools to help you build your list of buyers and sellers.

Providers of Insurance to protect your real estate

Books for Real Estate Investors                      

Magazines for Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Courses to help you achieve your real estate goals

Supplies for Real Estate Investors

Office - Services and Products to help manage your real estate business and office.


Visit this location to find providers of services to help you purchase, finance, manage, maintain, protect and sell real estate.

Accountants and Consultants
Specialists to help you make your real estate investments as profitable as possible.
Property Managers
Providers of property management services from tenant screening to bookkeeping to maintenance and everything in between.
Attorneys available to help you acquire, protect and sell your real estate.
Banks and Mortgage Companies
Providers of Loans to Purchase and Refinance Real Estate.
Find Contractors to help you Repair and Rehab your properties. 
Leasing Agents
Professionals to help you get your Apartment Rented.
Realtors ready to help you Locate, Buy, and Sell your Investment Properties.
Trust Companies
Find help with Self Directed IRA's, 1031 Exchanges, Land Trusts, or any other Trust related issues.
Property Inspectors
Find an Inspector to check out a property before you acquire it.

Flooring Installers

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Office - Services and Products to help manage your real estate business and office.

Virtual Assistants
Find someone to help assist you in your business so you can spend your time concentrating on finding deals and making more money.



If you are interested in advertising your products or services on any of our web pages, e-mail us at info@realestate-invest.com 

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